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Collaborative Advocacy Work

Stronger Together. CEDO is committed to fighting weight discrimination, diet culture and inequity in our society and within the healthcare system. Using the voice of our collective organizations, we aim to provide grounded, research-based discourse to the larger community regarding eating disorders awareness and prevention.

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Response to the AAP Guidelines

AAP Guidelines

In January of 2023 the American Academy of Pediatrics released guidelines for the treatment of ob*sity in children and adolescents. Included in these guidelines are recommendations for aggressive weight loss treatment including diet pills and bariatric surgery for adolescents as young as 13 years. 

CEDO Response to the AAP

The organizations of CEDO strongly oppose the new guidelines and do NOT support intentional weight loss in children via these methods. Please click below to view our full statement.

CEDO Response to NEDA

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) released a statement that reflected concern, but not opposition to the AAP guidelines. We call upon NEDA to listen to the ED community they represent and join us in strongly opposing the AAP Guidelines. See our full statement below.

Preview Image of the CEDO Response to the AAP Guidelines
A preview image of the CEDO response to NEDA
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