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All Hands In


CEDO is a group of like-minded and values driven organizations working to bring awareness, resources, support and structural change within the eating disorders community.


CEDO is a partnership of mission-aligned non-profit organizations and allies dedicated to increasing awareness and resources at the global, national, regional and local level for people affected by eating disorders and disordered eating.


In pursuit of our mission we advocate for eating disorders education, equitable access to quality, affirming healthcare services, and legislation that advances eating disorder care and funding. CEDO provides a brave space for member organizations to grow and learn from each other.


Improving national, regional and local response and services for people affected by disordered eating and eating disorders through collective action.


  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: Eating disorders don’t discriminate and neither do we. Body diversity is widely embraced.


  • Advocacy: We are stronger together, as multiple organizations speaking as one, in addressing eating disorders, weight stigma, and barriers to access to eating disorder treatment for all people. Making intentional change requires bold actions.


  • Collaboration:  All members actively participate and freely share resources, expertise, support, and inspiration to each other. 


  • Respect: We value all voices and acknowledge the dignity of all people.  

  • Health at Every Size® aligned: We embrace weight inclusivity, dismantling weight stigma, health enhancement that equalizes access to services, respectful care for all people, eating for well being which includes a non-diet approach, and life enhancing movement.


As members of CEDO, we are committed to and guided by the following values that we see as minimal requirements for responsible leadership in the eating disorder field. These values include:

  • Weight inclusivity                 

  • Pro-Fat Liberation

  • Pro-Disability Rights

  • No one should struggle alone

  • People over profits

  • Healing through connection

  • Silence is violence

  • Do no harm

  • Trauma-informed

  • Anti-diet

  • Anti-racism

  • Anti-homophobia

  • Anti-transphobia

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